Euripides Medea : Urban Translation


Euripides’ Medea: A Hip-Hop Saga  (working title) 


Creon, King of Corinth
Children of Medea
Chorus of Corinthian Women
Aigeus, King of Athens

(The scene is the street of Corinth, Medea’s house is in the background. An elderly female, Medea’s nurse-that is, personal maid-steps out of the front door and addresses the audience.)


I wish that ship Argo would have never come thru this muthafucka. If them niggas would have never came thru looking for that muthafuckin’ fleece, than my girl Medea would have never got caught up with this muthafucka! She wouldn’t have persuaded Pelias’ stupid ass daughters to merc his ass. She wouldn’t have touchdown here in Corinth trying to fit in, while Jason and these muthafuckas acting funny. In my opinion, a chick should always side wit her man, but now shit is all fucked up. Jason did all of us dirty, to marry the king’s nutty ass daughter, the fuck!?And my day one Medea is fucking buggin’, this niigga got her fucked up! She screaming to the Gods to witness what the fuck this nigga doing! She not eatin’, crying all day, all cause this nigga did her wrong. She just be staring off into no where, missing her father, her homeland, you know she betrayed her own people to go with this muthafucka, now she understands why you Never chose nobody over family! She don’t even want to be around her kids right now, which fucks me up, cause she ain’t the one, her ass is beast, scared she planning some nut shit, for real.


(Medea’s two young sons rush in accompanied by their tutor)

But here come the boys, not fazed at all by this shit. You know kids be in their own lil world.

Tutor (looks concerned at nurse)

What’s good? Why you out here?



Me and her go way back. This nigga Jason is real foul, I feel my girl’s pain, that all. Couldn’t sit still, knowing he got Medea al fucked up.


Damn(hangs head in greif) She still buggin?


You lucky you not caught up in all this bullshit. (looks to the heavens)


Well, you shouldn’t cause I just heard some shit boi



Tutor (pausing)

Nah, I can’t. You right, I’m staying out of this one.


What?! Nigga, you better stop playing with me! We both out here working for this nigga, we both on the chopin block if this shit don’t play out smooth, What? Tell me?


Ok. Well, I was minding my own business over by “Dice,” (gesturing off stage) You know that spot where all the old heads go by the sacred spring of Peirere? (She nods in agreeance) That King Creon was going to issue a new order in which he’ll exile these children out of the country and their mother. I don’t know if its true, they could be just old niggas talking shit, but I certainly hope not.


(Thinking) Nah, Jason ain’t having that! Not his boys, even if he beefing with the mother, he not on that. He love the shit outta his sons.


I’n know, New Wife, new life… Especially if she royalty (points towards Medea’s house) Jason clearly don’t give a fuck what up over here.


Well, That’s it! Shit has hit the muthafuckin’ fan! I’n don’t think we can handle much more fuckery, you know we hardly made it here alive in the first place.

Tutor (threatening)

Don’t say anything though! She doesn’t need to hear any rumors. If it’s true she’ll learn soon enough.

Nurse (drawing boys near to her)

Children, do you hear what kind of father you have? Damn- nah he’s still my master, but he’s been caught up in some evil business.


And what man hasn’t?! Don’t tell me you just learned that most men ain’t shit and out for self. If he stop handling his responsibilities (gesturing toward children) cause he hitting the new-new…

(Nurse attempts to shield children)


Y’all go in the house, it’s gonna be alright. And you(turns to tutor) keep them away from their mother. Just saw her cutting her eyes at them earlier, who knows what she was thinking? She the type to not stop until somebody feel her pain, nah’mean? She better do that shit over there, to her enemies, that’s all I know.

(from line 96 to 213 the Nurse and Chorus outside and Medea within engage in an antiphonal exchange, half-sung, half-chatted. Medea’s savage grief reverberates against the old servant’s mounting terror.)

Medea (inside)

(she lays there in a silent slumber, slumped over in despair. Budging just an inch breaking her silence)

I wish the Gods would take me now.

Nurse (She turns to the children)

(whispers) Boys, I already told you, your mother is all over the place, she sick. Go up in your rooms and play. Do not bother her, she needs to be alone for now. She’s self-centered and mean spirited by nature, her mind is all twisted up, go on now.

(the children start towards the door puzzled, but enter)

Con: Nurse

Clearly she buggin’ the fuck out and this shit is just beginning. She grieving hard as fuck, her heart is on stew, and she’s sinking deeper and deeper into the shit storm this muthafucka got her into.

(The children enter the house with the tutor)


I’ve suffered miserable things. Deserving of loud cries of sorrow. Children cursed with a hateful mother! Death to your father! The whole household can fuck off!


I’m the one that’s miserable. What your kids got to do with the fuckery their father did? Why you gone do them like that? I pray for these babies. Royals always over-react. They can‘t handle things not going their way. After all, their so used to muthafuckas kissing their ass. To live like normal folk is better, I think. I hope to grow old secure in my surroundings. To have too much of anything always proves to fuck up muthafuckas heads. When the Gods get mad at an house, they always pay that shit forward.

Chorus (Baptist Gospel Type of Music-pge 20)


The household is fucked all the way up. Jason over there locked down with his royal bitch ass wife and my mistress is over here all alone. All depressed in the house, crying and shit everyday. Her broken heart ain’t trying to hear nothing from nobody, not even her friends who care about her.

Medea (still within)

Sigh…I wish I could stop thinking bout this shit. For real, what’s the point of even living anymore? I gave this man everything, my love, my loyalty, My life now is all fucked up. Wish I could just die. Right Now! A quick and simple death. Anything to avoid this pain inside of me.

Chorus (Baptist Gospel Type of Music- bottom pge 20)


Great Goddess Artimis, Lady of justice, Do you see what has happen? Even though I’m stuck with this man, because of oaths we took before the Gods, I pray that I could see him and that bitch he married crushed, the whole lot of them. I don’t deserve all the shit their putting me through. My father, my country I betrayed for him, for my love, and I… I feel so stupid, So ashamed, I mean, I killed my own brother for this bum ass fucka and this!


Do you hear this shit? How she’s crying for help. Praying justice and Zeus step in. Zeus is the keeper of oaths, is she asking Zeus to punish Jason because he broke his oath? Damn, she’s on one for real, there ain’t no way her wrath is gonna be satisfied with just a prayer. This bitch won’t be played.

Chorus (Baptist Gospel Type of Music-pge bottom 21)


Alright, but I’m afraid she ain’t gonna listen to shit anybody has to say. She ain’t having it, but fuck it, I’ll try. She cuts eyes at all the servants like a mother lioness, when anybody even goes near her. You’re right, men of  the past are stupid and awkward, they made dope-ass music, partied til dawn, feasting having banquets and shit, but ain’t one find a way to make music that can calm a broken heart, no songs can stop death and destruction . However, if song could heal suffering, that would be amazing. Always wondered why they even sing and shit, when a feast is amazing enough on it’s own. The arty itself yields happiness.


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