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Drug Culture in America: Who is to blame?

There we see whole cadres of social scientists, abetted by whole armies of social workers, who seem to take it as catechism that the problem facing us isn’t drugs at all, its poverty, or racism, or some other equally large and intractable social phenomenon.

Euripides Medea : Urban Translation

UNDER CONSTRUCTION Euripides’ Medea: A Hip-Hop Saga  (working title)  Characters Nurse Creon, King of Corinth Children of Medea Tutor Jason Chorus of Corinthian Women Aigeus, King of Athens Medea Messenger (The scene is the street of Corinth, Medea’s house is in the background. An elderly female, Medea’s nurse-that is, personal maid-steps out of the front…

America? I Thought I Knew You…

Thoughts of how many Americans on Election Day left the line because they had to go to work or cook dinner or had obligations that kept them from standing in line for hours to vote.